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Definition: What is "mallory-weiss syndrome"?


Mallory-Weiss syndrome is a laceration in the lining of the gastro-esophageal junction (stomach-esophagus), usually due to severe coughing or vomiting.

Symptoms & Signs

Mallory-Weiss syndrome usually presents with occurrences of vomiting up blood (hematemesis) usually after forceful vomiting or throwing up. Sometimes, it can also be noticed as blood in the stool, referred to as melena even without any incident of forceful throwing up. The following are associated symptoms of Mallory-Weiss syndrome: * Esophageal bleeding * Vomiting The bleeding is not continuous; it usually subsides within a few hours commonly lasting from 24-48 hours.

Treatment: How to Treat "mallory-weiss syndrome"?

Supportive treatment is the most valuable approach in treating the disorder. Epinephrine injection or cauterization (referred to as burning the body for the purpose of removing a part of closing a body part) is sometimes options undertaken to stop the bleeding. This is usually carried out during the index endoscopy procedure. In rare cases, embolization or removing a blockage in the arteries can also be considered in order to stop the bleeding.


Mallory-Weiss syndrome is usually linked to alcoholism & eating disorders. There are also claims that the condition relates to hiatal hernia as a predisposing requirement for Mallory-Weiss syndrome.


Endoscopy is the most definitive diagnosis for Mallory-Weiss syndrome.

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