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Definition: What is "Aphasia"?


Aphasia is a language disorder resulting from damage to segments of the brain that are responsible for language; usually on the left brain hemisphere. It often occurs all of a sudden usually as a result of stroke or head injury. In some cases, it progresses gradually. In both cases, the result is remarkable impairment in writing, reading, expression & language understanding

Symptoms & Signs

Impaired ability to use language includes difficulty to express one's self. The individual usually uses long sentences that do not make sense, uses gestures instead of words. They find it difficult to find words to say what they really mean to say. For example, instead of saying "chair" will say "where I sit".

Treatment: How to Treat "Aphasia"?

Speech-language therapy can be effective when carried out in the early stages. Aphasia therapy is aimed at improving the individual's ability to communicate by using remaining abilities & in re-establishing language the best way possible.


The cause of aphasia is damage to several language areas of the brain, which can be the result of different conditions such as stroke, trauma or serious blows to the head, infections in the brain, tumors located in the brain & other conditions that may cause injury to the brain.


Neurologist will perform tests that oblige the person to follow commands, name objects, answer question & communicate. The person is referred to a speech-language pathologist, who will then carry out a thorough examination to determine the person's ability to speak, write, read & understand.

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