Read about amaurosis medical facts: what is the definition of amaurosis, what are the signs and symptoms, medical treatment & how to treat amaurosis, and related amaurosis diseases.

Definition: What is "Amaurosis"?


"Amaurosis" is a Greek word that means obscure, dark or darkening. As its name suggest, Amaurosis is vision loss or a weakness that develops without any apparent lesion, affecting the eyes. Amaurosis can be a result from a medical condition, while some are acquired from excess acceleration, such as in flights.

Symptoms & Signs

Patients with Amaurosis usually experience total symptom onset within a few minutes. In extremely rare cases of Amaurosis, vision loss or stroke has resulted. Hypertension, diabetes & smoking are the greatest factors known to increase the risk of suffering from Amaurosis. This condition can also be a result of mitral valve surgery. Some patients of Amaurosis can occur in those with vitamin B1 (or Thiamin) deficiency caused by Thiamine-related Cerebrocortical Necrosis (CNN).

Treatment: How to Treat "Amaurosis"?

Anyone who are experiencing Amaurosis are recommended to consult a physician when any form of vision loss, even temporary blindness, occur. This may be a symptom indicating a presence of a more serious ocular disease or systemic problem.

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