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Definition: What is "Airplane Ear"?


Airplane ear is the feeling of general discomfort usually experience by airplane passengers, mainly due to the rapid changes in the air pressure & altitude. People with cold, congested nose & some nasal allergy are more likely to experience airplane ears when traveling.

Symptoms & Signs

Symptoms of airplane air include the moderate discomfort or pain in the ear, feeling of fullness in the ear, ringing. For long flights, some people experience bleeding in the era, pressure & severe to moderate hearing loss.

Treatment: How to Treat "Airplane Ear"?

Treatment of airplane ear primarily focuses on providing relief to the symptoms. If self-care attempts still does not relieve any of the discomfort, or the condition worsens over time, you may need to see a doctor. Nasal sprays, oral decongestants as well as oral antihistamines are among the primary medications for airplane ears.


Airplane ear is known to occur when the eardrum retracts inward or bulges outwards as a result to the rapid difference in air pressure.


An ear examination is usually conducted if the symptoms continue to persist to determine if the patient has barotraumas or possible signs of ear infection. Typically, the symptoms will disappear after a few minutes or hours & is unlikely to persist after the plane ride.

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