Read about acrocephaly medical facts: what is the definition of acrocephaly, what are the signs and symptoms, medical treatment & how to treat acrocephaly, etymology, and related acrocephaly diseases.

Definition: What is "Acrocephaly"?


Acrocephaly is a rare congenital syndrome which is often characterized by a narrowing of the pulmonary valve, retardation of the patient's mental development & a pointy skull (or the skull's loftiness). More often than not, the head of the patient appears cone-like. A term that is similar to acrocephaly is oxycephaly. Oxycephaly has features that are similar to acrocephaly such as the coronal sutre & other sutures that close prematurely. Oxycephaly is the most severe type of of all craniostenoses.

Symptoms & Signs

The most common signs of acrocephaly are fast breathing, fatigue, shortness of breathing, mental retardation (often characterized by low IQ among patients), rapid heart rate (also known as tachycardia), swelling symptoms & pointy skull.

Treatment: How to Treat "Acrocephaly"?

Treatments & therapies could be applied to alleviate the symptoms. Specialists could be consulted to help on the mental development of the patient. Cardiologists could also help on the cardiac symptoms of the illness.


The word was derived from acro & cephaly which came from the New Latin word cephalus, in Greek, which means head.

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