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Read about ankylosis medical facts: what is the definition of ankylosis, medical treatment & how to treat ankylosis, types, and related ankylosis diseases.

Definition: What is "Ankylosis"?


Ankylosis is a condition characterized by joint stiffness caused by an injury or a disease. The rigidity of joints may be partial or complete. Some cases of Ankylosis may be due to the inflammation of the muscular (tendinous) structures in the outer part of the joints or of the joint's tissues itself.

Treatment: How to Treat "Ankylosis"?

If patients suffer from a completely "ankylosed" elbow or shoulder, excision can be used to restore usefulness & mobility of the limbs.


Ankylosis can be called "false Ankylosis" or "true Ankylosis". When any structure outside the joints is affected, it is called "false Ankylosis". When the disease affects only the inner joints, it is called "true Ankylosis". When the inflammation caused by Ankylosis has caused the end parts of bones to be fused together, the condition is called "complete Ankylosis" or "osseous Ankylosis".

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