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Read about anisometropia medical facts: what is the definition of anisometropia, what are the signs and symptoms, medical treatment & how to treat anisometropia, information about the causes, diagnosis, and related anisometropia diseases.

Definition: What is "Anisometropia"?


Anisometropia is a medical condition where it affects the binocular vision of a person especially that of infants & children. It is characterized by having Non-symmetric vision or eyes that have unequal & different refractive power which causes varying or unequal rotations leading to diplopia & asthenopia.

Symptoms & Signs

Symptoms of Anisometropia includes Diplopia.

Treatment: How to Treat "Anisometropia"?

Treatments for Anisometropia includes use of eyeglasses & contact lenses to correct visions.


The particular cause of Anisometropia is not yet known though it is said to be inherited or because of a trauma..


Diagnosis includes physical & eye examination of the patient by an ophthalmologist.

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