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Read about acne cystic medical facts: what is the definition of acne cystic, what are the signs and symptoms, medical treatment & how to treat acne cystic, information about the causes, diagnosis, and related acne cystic diseases.

Definition: What is "Acne Cystic"?


Acne Cystic otherwise known as the nodulocystic acne or the pseudo scars, is a medical condition that refers to an acne that usually developed into a small cysts.

Symptoms & Signs

Symptoms includes occurrence of an acne that looks like & appears like a cyst though they are not true cyst inasmuch as they are not abnormal dilation of the skin but only inflammation of nodules.

Treatment: How to Treat "Acne Cystic"?

Treatment includes the use of Isotretinoin.


Acne Cystic is said to be caused by the excess buildup of sebum in the pores.


Diagnosis is made through examination of the acne by a dermatologist.

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